Sustainable Rights and Duties

Care of Fauna and Flora in our establishments

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Quality and sustainability policy

Sustainable Rights and Duties

Here is the translation of the detailed duties and rights that apply to each guest, client, collaborator, and supplier to contribute to sustainability:


  • To be aware of the sustainability policy, campaigns, and activities carried out in the hotels and have the opportunity to participate in them.
  • To make use of all services offered by the hotels while adhering to and complying with the sustainability requirements communicated or known to them.
  • To have the right to learn about the culture of our hotels and facilities.
  • To voice their opinions regarding the service provided in the establishments, the conditions, and the environment.
  • To experience an atmosphere of respect, harmony, and hospitality from all staff members of PROMOTORA HOTELERA SANTOS DE PIEDRA.
  • To expect good security and care for their well-being and health within all the facilities.
  • To seek guidance from the front desk or administrative office about the reservation process or other services provided in the establishment at no cost.
  • To freely contribute improvements, suggestions, and positive feedback in each of the establishments.
  • To be informed about the policies, procedures, and sustainability strategies that are directly involved.
  • To comply fully with the sustainability information communicated or known to them. For example, modifying the check-in paperwork to include short paragraphs describing sustainability responsibilities or introducing a new sustainability form for guests.
  • To respect and comply with all the duties presented in the sectoral standard for sustainable tourism (NTS-TS-002).
  • To implement strategies such as sustainable messages in menus, surveys, etc., where guests are informed that we are hotels committed to sustainability and that they are also encouraged to participate.
  • To report or approach internal staff if any incidents occur on the premises.
  • To respect and not harm the internal and external culture of the establishment.
  • To respect all signage found in the hotel areas.
  • To conserve resources such as water and energy.
  • To comply with all procedures carried out within the facilities.
  • To refrain from disclosing information that could affect the operation and image of the hotel (quality, safety, or environment).


  • To comply with and meet the requirements established in the sectoral standard for sustainability and other activities directly associated with sustainability development, taking into account their respective fields (collaborators and suppliers).
  • To carry out activities as proposed by the higher management.
  • To be responsible for the facilities and resources of the hotel. If these are affected by the activities carried out, the collaborator or supplier will be held accountable.
  • To attend all training sessions provided by the organization related to sustainable development.
  • To respect and comply with all the duties presented in the sectoral standard for sustainable tourism (NTS-TS-002) through supporting documents such as checklists.
  • To adhere to all policies that apply to each hotel.
  • To communicate and express oneself respectfully to all internal staff or anyone present on the premises.
  • To take care of each of the spaces.
  • To refrain from disclosing information that could disrupt the development or image of the establishments.
  • To fully preserve the natural resources managed within the establishments (energy, water).


  • To be aware of the sustainability policy and everything it entails.
  • To receive training and retraining regarding sustainability compliance and practices. Additionally, they have the right to be informed or updated on the implemented sustainability system.
  • To receive fair and timely payments for assigned activities (collaborators) or services provided (suppliers).
  • To be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of their position.
  • To express their opinions calmly and respectfully whenever they perceive non-conformities in processes, infrastructure, environment, etc., in order to bring about improvements.
  • To respect

Care of Fauna and Flora in our establishments

Promotora Hotelera Santos de Piedra aims to be recognized for its conservation efforts and support for fauna and flora from our establishments, by caring for and showcasing our green spaces identified by the most representative shrubs and trees native to our destination.

We invite you to avoid collecting, trading, trafficking, or consuming animal or plant species without the necessary permits and licenses issued by the competent environmental authorities.

Enjoy the wonders of our hotel with complete responsibility.


Penalty Regime: Law 1333 of 2009 and Colombian Penal Code Article 328


Anyone who, in violation of existing regulations, appropriates, accesses, captures, maintains, introduces, extracts, exploits, utilizes, exports, transports, trades, explores, traffics, or in any other way benefits from specimens, products, or parts of faunal, forestry, floristic, hydrobiological, coral, biological, or genetic resources of Colombian biodiversity shall be subject to imprisonment ranging from sixty (60) to one hundred and thirty-five (135) months and a fine ranging from one hundred and thirty-four (134) to forty-three thousand seven hundred and fifty (43,750) times the current legal monthly minimum wage*.

Join sustainability, grow, and enjoy responsibly!

Note: *Please note that the specific values of fines or penalties mentioned may vary over time.

Tourist Information 2022

USER Cartagena de Indias – Santos de Piedra Hotel Promoter.

Cartagena de Indias is more than sun, sea and sand, Cartagena has a large number of museums, monuments, streets, walls, colonial houses and various sites for the tastes of all travelers, ideal for rediscovering history, or why not, creating your own.

Cartagena has 19 km of beaches within its urban area, they are generally warm waters, ideal for sunbathing, among which we have:


Big Mouth

the lake

the mouthpiece



Take care of our beaches, they are part of our beauty and Caribbean touch.


Sculptures, walls, bastions and a fort… The monuments, as if together they formed a book, tell you the most improbable (but true) stories of the important figures of the city. The story is not told, you live it!

San Felipe Castle

india catalina

The vaults

Clock tower

The walls of Cartagena

The old shoes

the old boots

duana square

Church and convent of San Pedro Claver

santo domingo square

Museum of Modern Art

Gold Museum

Palace of the Inquisition and Historical Museum

dock the pegasus

heredia theater


Below, you will find some tips on how to practice sustainable responsible tourism during your stay in the city of Cartagena.

Protect monuments, paintings, beaches when you are enjoying these magical spaces

Do not throw garbage out the window of public and private transport vehicles, beaches, floors, etc.

Take a thermos bottle of water with you. Getting it filled in your accommodation with fresh water and thus avoiding the generation of more waste in corridors, corners, tourist sites and surroundings

Respect the local environment: Do not litter, cut flowers or wild plants; try to reuse water bottles and recycle where possible.

Respect the culture and traditions of the area: Be aware and sensitive to cultural differences with people around you in terms of language, customs and dress. Ask permission before taking someone’s picture.

Protect National Treasures: Do not buy authentic archaeological artifacts or those made from endangered plants or animals, such as tortoise shell, coral, or fine woods that are not reforested.

At all times avoid feeding, touching, or harassing wild animals. Contact with animals can put them at risk.

Santos de Piedra Hotel Promoter Informs its clients and guests about the applicable current legislation and the sanctioning regime related to:

The illegal traffic of goods of cultural interest in Colombia considered a crime according to Law 397 of 1997

PROMOTORA HOTELERA SANTOS DE PIEDRA seeks to promote actions among its clients and guests through responsible behaviors with the natural and social environment, heritage and culture with the aim of avoiding the generation of negative impacts through its design, operation or the provision of its services , applying and always feeding our programs:

PG for saving and efficient use of water

PG for saving and efficient use of energy

PG for the management of atmospheric, auditory and visual pollution (AVA)

PG information and awareness

Sociocultural GP

GP biodiversity

cheap PG

PG handling of chemicals

PG savings and efficient use of paper

Quality and sustainability policy

Our company PROMOTORA HOTELERA SANTOS DE PIEDRA, in addition to being focused and highly committed to meeting the objectives and strategic goals of each of the establishments, is also committed to sustainability where quality, the environment, and safety and health at work abound. , taking into account that all these systems are in pursuit of the same environmental, economic and sociocultural objective, thus forming what is integrated sustainability. We focus on not only moving forward but also leaving beautiful and new experiences for our guests, guests, external personnel, and suppliers that require our services. We have an elegant, comfortable and very pleasant environment, a polite, empathetic staff that helps us strengthen our policy, processes and procedures that support or strengthen the sustainability of our company made up of each of our hotels committed to sustainability. It is a commitment to provide quality services, minimizing the negative impacts that may affect culture and the environment, complying with the requirements, legal provisions, and industry standards under sustainable economic, sociocultural, and environmental conditions.

Just as our collaborators are committed to sustainability from their position profiles, our clients, guests and suppliers will also be involved in responding responsibly and with commitment to their rights and duties regarding sustainability, either through a letter issued by our company, QR, guest contracts ETC.


Our sustainability will also depend on legal requirements that we have to meet in order to be a hotel company aimed at established guidelines.

We are 100% informed to protect even the life, well-being and prevention of the sexual exploitation of children and adolescents. With this our organization is against exploitation.

Achieve a culture committed to flora and fauna, cultural aspects supported by our activities

Maintain culture, compassion, respect for the people who surround us, avoiding discrimination, whether due to their language, aspects, etc.

We must create protective environments, to guarantee the integral development of boys and girls, free of exploitation, racism and discrimination. PHSP is against everything that is related to exploitation, misuse, disregard or alteration of Natural, socio-cultural and economic aspects.